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Monday Mutant 93: Battleships (water groups)

Ten ships (as indicated below the grid: one four-cell ship, two three-cell ships, three two-cell ships, and four one-cell ships) are hidden in the grid. The ships may be rotated from the orientations shown, but may not overlap or occupy cells which share a corner or an edge. A number to the right of a row or below a column indicates the length of the longest group of consecutive water cells in that row or column. Additionally, some segments of the ships are shown within the grid, and cells with wavy lines are "water" cells which cannot contain ships. Find the ships.


Anuraag Sahay said...

Nicely placed ship segment clues.This is also perhaps one of the best battleship variants one can ask for.
Looking for a tougher one next.

David Scherzinger said...

This solved surprisingly smoothly, given the rules. I especially liked the logic at the end.

Overall, not too tough, but a good puzzle :)

Anuraag Sahay said...

When i first read the rules,i did not expect an easy puzzle.I was surprised too.The end was a little tricky,where you had to find a way of merging an extra segment to leave just 4 one-segment ships.

Crabbadon said...

I'm actually finding this very tricky.

Crabbadon said...

...Well, power of posting.

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