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Monday Mutant 100: Numeral Crossing (jumping crossword)

In this Numeral Crossing puzzle, you are to place letters of the English alphabet, rather than digits, in the white cells such that each of the words listed below the grid (excluding spaces, punctuation, and any other symbols besides letters of the English alphabet) appears as an entry within the grid. Additionally, some white cells must be left blank; no two empty white cells may share an edge. The words are sorted by their actual length in the grid (including empty spaces).
I bet you were expecting something much more interesting, involving numbers. Nope. Interesting puzzles with numbers in them are motris's schtick, not mine.

Happy Monday, everybody.


Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair, I have to make mine "culture neutral" to be fair in competitions. Not that I couldn't make an all palindrome or all pokemon one or something.

Grant Fikes said...

motris: Or one with the same word in dozens of different languages.

Sam said...

Oooh, I like that idea, one word in many languages! I tried doing a crossword like that once ("jokoa," "ang laro," "die spel," "das Spiel," "y gêm," "il gioco," etc.). If you know what any of those mean, you may understand why I never managed to finish :P

Just to be clear: does the clause "no two empty white cells may share an edge" mean that diagonally-adjacent cells are okay?

Grant Fikes said...

Sam: The precedent is for the instructions to say "no two X may touch, not even diagonally" or "no two X may share a corner or an edge" if diagonal adjacencies are also forbidden. Yes, diagonally adjacent empty whites are permitted.

Grant Fikes said...

Sam: Regarding multiple languages, I am mostly referring to certain word searches that have appeared in the WPC.

John said...

I think this is a different kinda puzzle , alphabets are also interesting!
check this -

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