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Monday Mutant 101: Pearls of Wisdom (optional blacks)

In this Pearls of Wisdom puzzle, the loop does not have to pass through the black circles; however, when it does pass through a black circle, it must obey the standard rules for black circles.
With apologies to Palmer Mebane.


Grant Fikes said...

Dear person whose comment I'm about to delete:
This is a logic puzzle blog. I don't care whether your blog is related to Christianity, atheism, Islam, Wicca, or even something that's completely unrelated to religion but also completely unrelated to logic puzzles. If your blog has no relevancy to puzzles, and your comment has no relevancy to the puzzle at hand, but simply reads "follow my blog", then it is spam.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Grant, I think the John guy who keeps posting on your puzzles is a bot as well; his blog has a bunch of generic humor posts, and he links to other blogs with exactly the same content. He might seem to leave relevant comments, but the link at the end of each of his posts seems to be a giveaway. Don;t take my word for it though.

Grant Fikes said...

Anonymous: You mean the guy whose comments are like this:

I think this is a different kinda puzzle , alphabets are also interesting!
check this -

Yeah, I'm relatively inclined to agree, due to the terseness of the comments compared to those of my other regular readers, as though John cares more about quantity of comments rather than quality, but the comments are much more relevant to the specific posts than most spammers, and the link is at least tangentially relevant. If John's a spammer, he's infinitely more clever than most.

Then again, I'd never seen John's blog before; the recent "skin IQ" post looks amazingly spammy. . . .

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