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Puzzle 514: Polyominous 50

This recent BoardGameGeek contribution is brought to you by the letter B. This video, however, is not brought to you by the letter B.


K Marion said...

If you recall you sent me a file of your puzzles to use in my classroom. About 1/4 of my students have become addicted to them. I make copies of one type of puzzle available with each unit of the course--so far polyominous, process of illumination and totally awesum. The all time favourite is polyominous. In fact we'd love to see more of the huge ones. I bought copies of the huge poster size cross sums (AKA totally awesum)from Nikoli in Japan. Some of the students are trying that one now. The kids wanted me to let you know how much they enjoy your puzzles... me too.

Grant Fikes said...

K Marion: Awesome! I highly recommend all four of Nikoli's Fillomino books if your students are addicted. They have 96 puzzles each, ranging from 10x10 through 20x36. I'm happy to provide more for free on this blog, although if you need more, I probably won't construct new ones very frequently (for the sake of variety). Unless you offer to pay me. . . :)

Seriously, though, I'm glad you enjoy these!

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