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Monday Mutant 106: Streaming Content / Tetra Firma

Shade in tetrominoes in simultaneous accordance with the rules of Streaming Content and the rules of Tetra Firma. (As the grid isn't partitioned into regions, the rule of Tetra Firma that every region contains one tetromino is waived.)


JBross said...

Very enjoyable mutant. The LITS logic forces the Nurikabe logic in some interesting and surprising ways. I had particular fun with the logic in the middle (hooking up the 10) and towards the end (sorting out the bottom bit).

Anonymous said...

Very nice mix of logic, and like the above comment, I too enjoyed sorting out the bit at the end. My favorite among your Tetra-firma+something-else mutants so far.

Anonymous said...

The quality of your puzzles is always so high that I don't think I've previously necroposted praise as I explore the archives, but: I really loved this one. I found it had a delightful logical path growing complete sets out tetronimos out from the top, led by applying variations on an yfuncr sbeprf vfuncr theme.

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