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Puzzle 548: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 13

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Rules of Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania

Eliza Pseudonym recently made an appearance on a local TV station's game show "Logic or No Logic", where contestants are faced with nine briefcases numbered from 1 through 9, each holding a different amount of money ($1, $2, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200, $250). Contestants get phone calls from a mysterious silhouetted figure known only as The Thinker, and must use his clues to determine which briefcase contains which amount of money. Due to a convenient twist of fate, Eliza won a prize drawing to decide who would get to appear alongside eight local celebrities to hold the nine briefcases. From the clues below, determine which person held which briefcase, and how much money was in each one.

1. Maui Handle, normally the master of ceremonies on "Logic or No Logic", was assigned by the producers to hold a briefcase on this episode. Maui's briefcase had precisely 10 times as much money as Eliza's briefcase. The numbers on Maui's and Eliza's briefcases had a sum of 10; Maui's briefcase was higher-numbered than Eliza's.
2. Morton Ramey, the fiery host of the reality series "Purgatory's Kitchen", had less money in his briefcase than Wilt Quinn, the leader of the Puzzlania Quilt Guild; Morton's briefcase's number was also exactly one-third that of Wilt's.
3. Annie Malone runs a local pet store which Eliza and her friends have patronized in the past; Annie's briefcase did not bear the number 5, and did not contain the $25 prize.
4. Haleigh Hawthorne plays the character Harmony on the soap opera "The Middle-Aged and the Narcoleptic"; in addition to being the only person with the same first and last initial, Haleigh held the only briefcase with the same number on it as the amount of money (in dollars) inside.
5. Mark Green, a vocalist who rose to fame on "Puzzlanian Idol", held a briefcase numbered exactly one higher than Haleigh's briefcase.
6. Moira Jackson, a veteran cruciverbalist who has become involved in the League of Puzzlers of the Nation in recent years, had a lower-numbered briefcase than the one containing $200 (which was not briefcase 9).
7. Floyd Webster, a renowned performer at the Euterpean Theatre, had more money in his briefcase than Moira, but less money than briefcase 5. Floyd did not hold briefcase 9.
8. The amount of money (in dollars) in briefcase 4, multiplied by the amount of money (in dollars) in briefcase 7, is a perfect square.

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