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Monday Mutant 109: Process of Illumination (queens)

In this Process of Illumination puzzle, every light bulb illuminates its own cell, plus all other cells in an uninterrupted horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, up to the perimeter of the puzzle, or a black cell (whichever is closer). (In a regular Process of Illumination puzzle, the light bulbs operate like chess rooks; here, they function as chess queens.) The rules are otherwise unchanged.
I feel like I should point out that, unlike MellowMelon's queen-themed puzzle, the numbers still refer only to bulbs in orthogonally adjacent cells, and not diagonally adjacent ones.


Giovanni Pagano said...


Is it possible for a light ray to pass through the corner of two diagonally touching black cells If the cells are in a checkerboard pattern? I want to get this straight before I begin.

Grant Fikes said...

Giovanni: Such a move is possible for a queen (or a bishop) in chess, and it is possible here.

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