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Puzzle 574: Ripple Play 7

MellowMelon's posts about the current World Puzzle Championship suggest that there are a lot of 21-themed puzzles this year. As such, I have scheduled this puzzle to go up at 21:21. Hahaha, I am so clever.


Anuraag Sahay said...

Cleverer if it had 21 rooms?

Grant Fikes said...

Anuraag: You know that mathematical recreational activity where you take an integer, add it to the reversal of its digits, and keep on doing that until you get a palindrome? If you do that starting with 21, you get 33. There are 33 rooms.

Yeah, baby.

Anuraag Sahay said...

Not bad.Was that intended?

Grant Fikes said...

Anuraag: Nah, a recent GeekList on BoardGameGeek has taught me to find tenuous connections in everything.

Joshua Zucker said...

That was a fun one, with a rather different feel from anything I've seen on Nikoli.

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