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Fillomino-Fillia 2 Preview Series: Walls Fillomino

This is a walls Fillomino (AKA Polyominous). A pair of cells with a thick border between them must contain different numbers.
Answer Entry: Enter the units digits (last digit) of the number in each circled cell starting with the leftmost column and going right.
Highlight to see the answer: 15321848


Anuraag Sahay said...

Nice hidden polyominos again,especially in the bottom-left and top right.But this puzzle had much stronger interactions between regions that were far apart,something that this variation allows to incorporate.

ksun48 said...

Didn't like it.

Grant Fikes said...

ksun48: Blunt.

Anuraag Sahay said...

ksun48: :) That was a nice one.Its gonna offend those sensitive visitors who think they can set standards on public writing.

ksun48 said...

? I'm confused on what Anuraag Sahay is saying. Does he feel my comment is inappropriate?

Anuraag Sahay said...

Not inappropriate for me.Some visitors might not like it.I believe in liberty to express yourself(even if you didnt meant it).

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