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Fillomino-Fillia 2 Preview Series: Skyscraper Fillomino

This is a skyscraper Fillomino (AKA Polyominous). The numbers in the grid should be treated as building heights. Numbers on the outside of the grid tell how many buildings are visible when looking from that direction. A building obscures all buildings behind it whose height is equal to or smaller than itself.
Answer Entry: Enter the units digits (last digit) of the number in each circled cell starting with the leftmost column and going right.

Highlight to see the answer: 64816117


Anonymous said...

Amazing hidden polyomino. Also finally solved this on the second try, with several trial and errors in the second try.

Now, onto FF2.

Anonymous said...

I've seen skyscraper fillominoes with many, many fewer clues than this, so I expected something not too hard when I saw this one. But that ending destroyed me! It took me a lot of head-scratching to realize that (rot13) gur ovt cbylbzvabrf va ebj svir naq rvtug pbhyq or gur fnzr bar. Amazing.

ksun48 said...

I liked it a lot. The ending was astounding and the hidden n>10-omino surprised me. This is one of the types that I'm really looking forward too, as well as No-Rectangles and Snake.

ralphmerridew said...

Bravo. Bravo. I got stuck for a while right at the beginning, with the first big break-in. And I was opposite to betaveros. Nf fbba nf V fnj gung gur 5gu naq 8gu ebj cbylbzvabf unq gb or orggre guna gur fvkgu ebj cbylbzvab, V gubhtug nobhg gurz orvat gur fnzr cbylbzvab.

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