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Fillomino-Fillia 2: Bonus puzzles!

It was an honor working with MellowMelon on this, as it was last year. If you'd like to see the solutions to the puzzles on the test, MellowMelon has released Puzzle Pack Vol. IV on his blog; it contains the 18 test puzzles, the preview puzzles, some reject puzzles, some puzzles we made afterwards for the heck of it, hints, and solutions. Altogether, there are 56 puzzles, of which 30 are mine and 26 are his. I made a lot of 7x7's at MellowMelon's request to give new solvers bite-sized puzzles to chew on, so it's not like my quality outshines his quality. Or does it?

I especially hope my readers enjoy puzzle IV.9 from the pack; while I won't be allowed to post big puzzles on my blog for quite some time, IV.9 is a 20x36 classic puzzle that I believe a sufficiently-skilled solver will find very rewarding.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to say that you cheated by including a 20x36 logic puzzle there :P

Great pack though. I think I now have solved 8 previews + 15 on FF2 + 9 from pack = 32. Yay.

ksun48 said...

Have you solved it? It's amazing.

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