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Monday Mutant 120: Polyominous / Tetra Firma

In this Polyominous puzzle, the rule that no two polyominoes of the same size may share an edge is specifically waived for tetrominoes, which must follow the rules of Tetra Firma (excluding the rule that every region contains a single tetromino). The number 4 never appears as a given in the grid; instead, the letters L, I, T, and S are given, corresponding to the shape of the tetromino.
I thought I clicked tomorrow's date. . . bah. You get this puzzle early.

In the past, I have plugged my board game Battle of LITS, which uses the LITS rules to create an original two-player game. Battle of LITS is now available on nestorbooster! 500 euros in pre-orders within the next month will allow Battle of LITS to become the next nestorgames publication! Without your pre-orders, though, this dream of mine will not happen. I hope you choose to help me get published with a meager 21 euro investment (which will be refunded if the funding fails). :)


Edderiofer said...

Given that we can pay with bitcoins, does that also contribute towards the 500 euro amount?

Grant Fikes said...

Edderiofer: I presume that the approximate euro equivalent to the Bitcoin price will count towards the 500 euros, yes. Do note that there's a 30% pre-order discount for Bitcoin users, as opposed to the 20% discount for PayPal and credit cards, so the really selfish part of me prefers that one would use the latter options to get my game closer to being fueled, but the option does exist for people wanting a deal who already have Bitcoin. :)

Grant Fikes said...

Edderiofer: I'd also like to point out that if you're generous, you can definitely buy more than one copy to fuel the game further and increase the chances that I get published. 21 euros is simply the minimum investment (assuming you don't use Bitcoin), and probably a very typical investment owing to the utility of multiple copies of the game not being very big. Sure, you can give those extra copies to friends. I'm sure they'll enjoy it; Battle of LITS is the most enjoyable game ever. But it's not like you can combine the components to play a bigger game (not without creativity). :)

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