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ChipIn for Children's Charities: SMW race is today!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, dethwing has offered to donate $1 for every minute under 2:30:00 in which I can beat Super Mario World during a 96-exit race which is happening today (up to $30). Since then, another reader has offered to match this donation to each charity, effectively quadrupling dethwing's generosity! That means I have $120 worth of charity donations riding on my ability to control Mario. Of course, it's not too late for someone else to increase the stakes if they would like. . .

As incentive for all of my logic-puzzle-loving readers to watch me play Super Mario World on my channel, during the race, I will give instructions on how you can win a copy of Norinori 1 by Nikoli! Note that the race has been re-scheduled for approximately 8:00 PM Eastern. That's about 6 and a half hours from the time of this post!

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Grant Fikes said...

Reluctance to stream practice sessions resulting from extenuating circumstances caused the dogs to bark more than usual resulted in a lack of practice and a terrible time of 2:27:27 (far from being my personal best). That's worth only $2.

However, the reader who offered to match the donation left this comment: "I rounded your time down to 2:20:00... because it was so entertaining watching and listening to you play!" Truly, the frustration I went through and the swearing at my asinine mistakes and deaths in places I'm not used to dying in was worth it for this heart-warming moment.

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