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Puzzle 370: Twincognito 18

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Blaine said...

I've got a suggestion for you. I've been printing off lots of your puzzles for solving at lunch, during free time, etc. I usually have a stack of them. The problem is, I will sometimes forget the type of the puzzle and can't always guess from the grid. Other times, I'll make a mistake and want to print another. But I've forgotten the number. I wonder if you could add a little "by line" to the bottom of each picture that had your website URL, the puzzle type and the puzzle number. It would help me immensely!

Grant Fikes said...

I like my puzzle images to be clean and simple -- even a simple copyright line in a small font would be a distraction, I think. Besides, it'd be a hassle to update over 370 images just to add that.

Also, I'm pretty sure you can go to "Page Setup" or the like in your web browser's File menu, and have it print the page title in the header or footer; in both Firefox and IE (the two browsers I have access to), the page title is "Puzzle370-Twincognito18.png (image)", which contains the information you need.

In short, no, I'm not doing this. Sorry. :[

Blaine said...

No problem. It was just a suggestion. The filename tip works with smaller puzzles anyway, just not big one that I print, resize in another program.

For those I'll just try to keep using my manual method of writing the type and number on the printed paper. :-)

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