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Puzzle 374: Room and Reason 23

Can you guess what year I made this puzzle in? Here are three hints:
a) The year is very cleverly concealed in the puzzle.
b) It's the same year that motris created this puzzle (which, incidentally, is quite a bit more difficult than this one, and possibly more interesting).
c) I threw this puzzle together 10 minutes ago, inspired by motris's creation above.


Marcin Mucha said...

I solved the puzzle but cannot find the year. Can you give a hint?

Jonah said...

It's 2010, you see, because there are 20+10 black squares.

Grant Fikes said...

All right, here's another hint:

d) We're still living in that year currently.

If you still can't figure it out. . . now I know how Will Ferrell's character felt in the Celebrity Jeopardy! sketches.

Grant Fikes said...


Wow. I thought I'd hidden the year so well in the puzzle. Jonah, however, managed to find it. Just wow.

Marcin Mucha said...

Wow, Jonah, that's brilliant. After solving motris's puzzle I was trying to find hidden digits in the way the black cells were laid out but couldn't make it. Squinting my eyes, rotating the picture at high speed etc. didn't work either...


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