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Puzzle 375: Quad-Wrangle 15

Puzzle 375! Hooray! Are you tired of 31x45 puzzles yet?

I honestly can't think of anything to say for this puzzle, so instead I'll use this space to encourage the reader to get Firefox, and then get the Personas extension! Nothing says "I'm a blogger who cares too much about customizing his browser" quite like having Mario and Luigi on one's browser. If you don't customize your browser, then you're just a square! (Or a rectangle.)
Rules of Quad-Wrangle
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1 comment

Blaine said...

I like the big puzzles! I almost got tricked by a few 9s that my brain wanted to force to only be a 3x3 square. Duh! 1x9 is another option. :-)

Solving time: ~45 minutes

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