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Puzzle 377: Tatami For Now 2

Making this puzzle symmetrical was a real pain in the butt.


Jack said...

Does "Tatami For Now" mean you're still deciding on a substitute English name for the puzzle? How about "Mind over Matting"? "No Fours on the Floor"?

Jonah said...

"Ir-Rug-Ular Tiling"?

Grant Fikes said...

Have you not heard of the expression "ta-ta for now"?

Anonymous said...

"Tatami" is a bad name for this puzzle type because it is already used for another puzzle type, see

Moreover, "Tatami" is a protected name in some countries - that's the reason why I use the name "Patchwork".


Grant Fikes said...

It's called "Tatami For Now", though, not "Tatami".

Geez, I never knew a title could be so controversial. :/

Jonah said...

Have you not heard of the expression "ta-ta for now"?

Ah! I thought there might be something there, but it just wasn't coming to me. In that case, I'm happy with the name.

stigant said...

I think this puzzle has multiple solutions.

Grant Fikes said...

This puzzle has exactly one solution; as you later remarked in a private e-mail to me, you were missing the rule which states that no four pieces may meet at a corner.

So yeah. Anyone who happens to be reading these comments, rest assured that stigant was wrong, and my logicsmithing skills are impeccable. :)

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