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Monday Mutant 12: Fencing Match (liars)

Monday Mutants is a series in which I will attempt to experiment with "mutant" puzzles. These could be existing puzzle types with an unusual change in the rules, hybrids combining elements from multiple puzzle types, or puzzle types neither invented nor popularized by Nikoli.
In this Fencing Match puzzle, exactly one number in each row and in each column is wrong. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
I would be very remiss not to give credit to MellowMelon for introducing me to this variation, if not inventing it.


Blaine said...

As expected, it can be solved using logic not trial and error. It reminded me of one of those "liar and truth tellers" brain teasers.

For others solving this... do you agree that most liars were only telling small fibs, but one liar was telling an egregious lie?

SKnight said...

Yeah, I know what you mean by one lie that was a lot bigger than the others. This is a fun variant with different kinds of logic interacting and alternating (which is often the fun thing about hybrids).

Bram said...

It's not exactly Melon's idea. Have seen this exact variant as far back as 2006 already on the Dutch Puzzle Championship and in Breinbrekers.

Trayton said...

Wow, that was quite the challenge to find a break-in. How can I trust any of them? :D

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