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Some type of political rant, I guess.

Obamacare? More like, Oba-MOCK-care!

The U.S. government sure is full of insane ideas. Where does Obama think he'll get the money to pay for this plan? There are only two sources of money: trees, and taxpayers. Also, I lied about trees. Therefore, he will be forced to raise taxes. Unfortunately, we Americans can't afford to pay higher taxes -- we're in enough of a recession as is. If Obama raises the taxes, I'll be forced to move to another country, preferably as far away as possible from Obama and everything he's doing. I'm thinking Afghanistan.

Actually, maybe I didn't lie about trees; maybe they could cut down every tree in Washington D.C. and sell them to loggers to raise some funds. Speaking of logs, didn't Lincoln live in a log cabin? That's it -- we should sell the Lincoln Memorial as well. I think Canada will pay a hefty price for something as priceless as that.

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