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My 22nd birthday cake!

Long-time readers may recall that I designed a logic puzzle to be put on my 22nd birthday cake; circumstances beyond my control meant that this cake could not be ordered until two days ago. We ordered it from a baker we've trusted for many, many years, and just picked it up today. Here is the design they were supposed to follow:
(Note: Do not, as one reader has, confuse this puzzle with MellowMelon's original puzzle Colorlink. The colors in this puzzle are purely an aesthetic to clarify that the givens are arranged in the shape of the number 22.)

And, here's the result:

I observe three things:
1) The dragée grid dots aren't aligned perfectly; it would have been easy to use a strip of paper or something else that's straight to ensure proper alignment.
2) All of the numbers save for the red 2 in the upper left and the black numbers in the second column are one space to the right of where they should be, yielding an unsolvable puzzle.
3) The numbers that ended up off of the right edge of the grid were iced over. What the heck was the decorator even thinking? Did they think I'd not notice if they just put icing on the edge of their mistake?

I can't believe I waited almost 11 months for this piece of, to put it as politely as possible, crap. Look, it's just a grid of 121 dots and 40 numbers -- it's not like I was asking for them to recreate something complicated like Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. Are logic puzzles just not supposed to go on cakes? :(

I really, really want to cry.

(Edit: In all fairness, the cake tasted delicious.)

P.S. My parents are decidedly not big on logic puzzles, and even they agree the cake was done amateurishly.


Anonymous said...

On the bright side you could post this on cakewrecks :).

(oops accidentally posted on the original puzzle too).

Grant Fikes said...

*laughs* I have already submitted this to Cake Wrecks. :) It's definitely an unusual kind of wreck, but it's a wreck nonetheless, and hopefully it's worthy of being posted.

/dev/joe said...

And at first I thought the cake was addressed to Grapt, but then I realized that it is just a rather fanciful n.

David Millar said...

Yes, I agree that this was a mess. Given the entire right-most column is hidden, the bottom right corner is unresolvable with the 2, and the top right flips the direction of the S curve created by the pair of 3 cells - making the red 3 cells near the center of the cake impossible.

Personally I would have used spray on food color and airbrushed the entire puzzle using stencils onto a layer of fondant. But that's just me.

Puzzle-Meister said...

Maybe you should made a Jigsaw-Puzzle out of it ;)

Blaine said...

That was definitely a cake wreck. I always wonder why someone would accept a cake that was so far off of what was requested. Did you ask them to redo it? After waiting 11 months, what difference would another day or two make? Or did they at least give it to you gratis?

Grant Fikes said...

David Millar: I'll keep your fondant and stencils idea in mind. :)

Blaine: I didn't get to see the cake until after it was brought home by my parents. :[

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