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Monday Mutant 35: Room and Reason x Streaming Content

The leftmost grid is a Room and Reason puzzle. The middle grid is a Streaming Content puzzle. The given numbers in the two puzzles are in the same locations (although they are shown as blank squares rather than numbers), and when the givens in the former puzzle are multiplied by the correspondingly located givens in the latter puzzle, the resulting products are the numbers shown in the rightmost grid. Solve both puzzles.
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Anonymous said...

Pretty dense in information from the start, so it started to come together rather quickly. I did enjoy the final stretch of the nurikabe where the various "some island of indeterminate size" clues resolved uniquely.
- Jack

Anonymous said...

Can you have a 0 as a clue in the Streaming Content part? I know in a normal Streaming Content you typically wouldn't, but I can see reasons to allow them, and a reasonable interpretation of what such a clue would mean in this variant.

Grant Fikes said...

3. Cells with numbers in them cannot be black.
4. Every cell with a number in it must be part of a polyomino-shaped "island" containing that number of white cells.

By rule 3, every numbered cell must be white; therefore, a numbered cell cannot be part of an island of 0 white cells, and a 0 clue cannot exist under the given rules. You may "see reasons to allow them" and "reasonable interpretation[s] of what such a clue would mean", but that would be a mutant Streaming Content, and not one which operates by the given rules.

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