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Monday Mutant 38: Polyominous / Quad-Wrangle

In this Polyominous puzzle, every region must be shaped like a rectangle. (Thus, the puzzle is similar to a Quad-Wrangle puzzle, but without the restriction that every region must contain exactly one number, and with the restriction that regions with the same area may not share an edge.) The rules are otherwise unchanged.


Spheniscine said...

Interesting variation. I found it rather easy, but still fun. :3

Blaine said...

I misunderstood the mutant rules initially, assuming that each region must contain at least one number and that the same numbered regions *could* touch.

Yes, you can create regions and no, the same numbered regions *cannot* share an edge. I just need to read the instructions better next time. :-)

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your fillominos, whether mutant or not. As expected, although the puzzle wasn't too hard, there were interesting little unclued regions that turned out to be uniquely determined.
- Jack

David Millar said...

Very fun variant. I initially made a stupid assumption with the top left of the puzzle, but after fixing that the solution came together nicely.

Grant Fikes said...

Blaine: "Yes, you can create regions"? Holy crap. I thought the objective of the puzzle was to avoid creating regions, and somehow make the puzzle solved without marking in it.

Blaine said...

Grant, I meant I thought that there were no unclued rectangles.

Anonymous said...

Great puzzle. Solved from the bottom up nicely. Enjoyed the constraints of the variation very much - especially the unique unmarked areas.


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