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Monday Mutant 37: Polyominous (Kropki)

In this Polyominous puzzle, a pair of horizontally or vertically adjacent cells with a white circle between them must contain two consecutive numbers, and a pair of horizontally or vertically adjacent cells with a black circle between them must contain one number which is two times the other number. If two adjacent cells do not have a circle between them, then neither of these conditions may be true. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
The inspiration for this one comes from a puzzle called Kropki (which is apparently the Polish word for "dot"), but I'd be remiss not to mention cyrebjr's puzzles, as well.


Blaine said...

The solution flowed nicely from the clues. The most important rule is that the absence of a circle means the numbers in neighboring cells aren't consecutive or doubled/halved.

cyrebjr said...

Hey, thanks for remembering me this time!

I was considering doing the Kropki variant, and may still, but I quite enjoyed this puzzle, particularly the non-interactions on the left.

And I'm also glad you put digits in. I haven't done that with the Consecutives, and I might never have gotten to that point.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic puzzle and solve here.

I put it down originally, figuring that t would entail long tailed forks, and that I needed a pencil. I returned to it this morning, and saw that it was just a great solve.

Thanks for a super puzzle.


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