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Monday Mutant 36: Room and Reason (regular minus domino)

The leftmost grid is a Room and Reason puzzle. The middle grid is a "mutant" Room and Reason puzzle in which, instead of no two black cells being allowed to share an edge, every black cell must share an edge with EXACTLY ONE other black cell (the rules are otherwise unchanged). The given numbers in the two puzzles are in the same locations (although some are shown as blank squares rather than numbers), and when the givens in the latter puzzle are subtracted from the correspondingly located givens in the former puzzle, the resulting differences are the numbers shown in the rightmost grid. Solve both puzzles.
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Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure whether to congratulate you for succeeding where I failed or call you out for not mentioning me. Did you see this?:

Grant Fikes said...

cyrebjr: I saw that, but had completely forgotten about it.

Jonah said...

I enjoyed the concept of the first puzzle better, but this was still a great solve. Nice twist on the stunt you pulled with Twincognito 19 and Monday Mutant 10.

David S said...

Even after I figured out the number for the big region, it took me a while to realize (reluctantly) that it was the key to solving the singleton half of the puzzle.

Nice solve!

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