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Monday Mutant 44: Right Way Robot

A robot is located on the cell with a red arrow, facing in the direction the arrow points. The robot is programmed to move forward until it reaches a wall (the perimeter of the puzzle or a black cell) or a cell it has already visited. At this point, the robot will attempt to turn 90 degrees to the right and continue moving forward again; if a wall or a cell that has already been visited it to its right, the robot will attempt to turn left instead. The robot will stop when it can no longer move to a cell it hasn't already visited. Shade in some of the cells black such that the robot will visit every white cell in the grid, and stop on a dot. Cells containing dots or arrows may not be black; additionally, the robot must exit a cell with an arrow (including the cell it starts on) in the direction the arrow indicates. (See here for an illustrated example.)


Blaine said...

A few more "twists and turns" compared to the last one. I thought I had gotten to an impossible situation until I remembered to consider that there could be an existing path in a certain direction blocking the robot, not just a black square. Thanks for making these mutant puzzles.

David S said...

I like these puzzles, and the title's cute too :D
I wonder if it would be possible to make a "Wrong Way Robot" puzzle where certain clues would be guaranteed to be lying?

Anonymous said...

Great puzzles. Had missed them from MellowMelon's blog. Nice to seem them reborn, and such fun puzzles at that.

Enjoyed them so much I'm gonna go back and hit up his old ones.



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