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Puzzle 434: Pearls of Wisdom 42

No comment.


Anonymous said...

Okay puzzle I suppose, it solved just fine for me.

I did just realize that if you can keep up with the 17 in 17 days schedule, than that will put you at puzzle 449. Just in time to put out a larger one for 450!

Also, I think one of those tags might be a little "off",unless I have to figure out how to read the dots as a logic puzzle :P.


Blaine said...

I took one wrong turn in the lower left but quickly corrected. Mostly it was a cascade from one region of dots to the next rarely with ambiguity. The group of white dots just below/right of center was fun.

17 x 17 in 17 days = 4,913 squares!

Grant Fikes said...

Giovanni: I have corrected the tag now. :)

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