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Puzzle 436: Process of Illumination 32

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Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the 17x17 puzzle series - will they all be different types?

Thanks for the puzzles,

Paul R

Grant Fikes said...

Anonymous Paul: I plan on representing the widest possible variety of puzzles in this series, yes. However, because I'm ultra-picky, I'll only publish 17x17 puzzles of types Nikoli's published in that size. That means no Fencing Match, for example. Twincognito, however, is fair game. Be scared. :P

Anonymous said...

Have they ever done a 17x17 in a puzzle style you've never used before? (I seem to recall a Barns [Ice Barns?] puzzle of a similar size once, but I'm not sure whether it was a Nikoli puzzle.)

Grant Fikes said...

Anonymous: I can't think of any examples, no.

Anonymous said...

Shame. There's a few Nikoli types I'd love to see you try and take on (the aforementioned pair, plus Country Road and Kin-Kon-Kan especially), but maybe in the future?

Blaine said...

This one was a fun solve. I realized something in the middle of the puzzle and that got me over my roadblock.

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