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Monday Mutant 59: Pearls of Wisdom (jigsaw)

In this Pearls of Wisdom puzzle, you must assemble the grid from the given pieces before you can solve the puzzle. None of the pieces may be rotated, and no two pieces may overlap; the pieces will fill the entire grid. The thick borders on the pieces must coincide with the perimeter of the grid. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
It's the first Monday Mutant of the new year! Hard to believe I've kept this series up for so long.


james39562 said...

First comment! Yay! I liked how the single celled pieces had to work together to come up with a solution at the end. Fun, fun ,fun!

Arren said...

Good job with this one, I rather liked it.

TheSubro said...

Lots of fun. Smart puzzle to play with. Had a satisfied smile on my face the whole time.



rob said...

I had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks, great idea and execution!

John said...

I'd lot of fun while solving the puzzle although it took me a bit long than most I presume .
Here's a puzzling link for you , hope you'll enjoy there!

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