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Puzzle 482: Room and Reason 37

Symmetry is awesome.


Kate said...

Symmetry is awesome!!! Will solve it right away .
Here's a brainteaser for you too -

Paul K said...

Great puzzles here. I discovered the blog only recently and have enjoyed poking around the archives.

I initially misinterpreted rule #3 for today’s puzzle and tried to allow a line of white cells to cross one room and occupy one cell beyond that in both directions (since the length of the line did not exceed the length of two rooms - or put another way, one whole room plus two fractions of rooms does not necessarily exceed two rooms).

“The white cells in any uninterrupted horizontal or vertical line may not occupy more than two rooms” – or something like that – seems clearer.

Or maybe it’s just me. It’s difficult to explain without using dreadful sentence structure. Or put another way, the quality of the sentences in the above uninterrupted paragraphs fails to exceed any minimum standard of clarity.

Probably just me. Love the blog.

Paul K said...


Anonymous said...

Catching up on a few after some travel. Nice clean logic. Had to pause and do a bunch of considering 2/3s the way through, which is pretty good for a 10x10.



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