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Monday Mutant 61: Seek and Spell (Roman numerals)

In this Seek and Spell puzzle, before being entered in the grid, a word may have the trigram ONE replaced with the letter I, or the trigram TEN replaced with the letter X. (For example, CALZONE can be entered as CALZONE or as CALZI, and STENCH can be entered as STENCH or as SXCH.) The rules are otherwise unchanged.
While this has nothing to do with the Monday Mutant above, I recently had a strip published on Square Root of Minus Garfield. Check it out!


james39562 said...

I've fallen behind a little bit and I solved this puzzle a couple of weeks after it was posted. I was surprised to see no one else had commented. An interesting mutant. The lower and middle right were my sticking points. Couldn't do a whole lot else until I figured those parts out. It would have been neat to see a word that had both ONE and TEN in it, if one even exists.

Blaine said...

I previously tried to find a word that had both ONE and TEN in it, but my dictionary lookup failed to find one.

I was going to find a whole bunch of words and use them in my comment, then I got distracted and went on to another puzzle.

Anyway, I enjoyed this, especially times where you were required to keep the ONE or the TEN rather than change it to I or X.

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