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ChipIn for Children's Charities kick-off event!

You may see something new on the left side of this blog. If you aren't reading this post months after the fact, there should be three ChipIns allowing you to donate for the three charities involved in ChipIn for Children's Charities. The contest proper will begin on Monday, September 24, but donating early will not deprive you of raffle entries later. In fact, to encourage early donations, I shall make this offer:

If any charity hits $42 before Monday, I will immediately raffle off a completely unsolved (and in good, albeit not brand-spanking new, condition) Places, Please book to anyone who donated at least $1 to that charity. Note that if you donate $42 to a charity with no donations yet, you've basically just bought yourself a book for way more than it's worth. But it's for charity, right?

EDIT: I shall add even more incentive: if all three charities hit $42 before Monday, I'll add $5 of my own money to each one. (Note that I'm not eligible for the raffles, obviously.)

Another new thing on the left side of my blog: Twitter! I'm using Twitter in the hopes of promoting this fund-raiser, and may do other things, too. (Also, I did it to boost my ranking; I was at #9 before, but now I'm #8. Oh yeah, you can definitely tell that I'm in the whole puzzle-writing thing for the art and not for vainglory.)

EDIT: All three charities have hit the $42 mark! All right! Thanks, donors! I have donated $5 of my own money to each one, as promised. :)


Grant Fikes said...

Jack Vasel Memorial Fund hits the $42 mark with a mere 2 contributors! Using to select a random number between 1 and 2, the winner of the Places, Please book is Bryce Herdt!

Brian Pwnox said...

You should solve the first puzzle in each book as one of those ongoing joke thingys.

Grant Fikes said...

Brian Pwnox: Maybe if a winner specifically asks me to solve the first puzzle in the book, okay. However, I already advertised that I'm giving away unsolved books, and I'm not going back on my word. :)

Grant Fikes said...

3 contributions have brought Sanctuary Home for Children to the fabled $42 threshold! Using to generate a random number between 1 and 3, our second winner is Kevin Petrychyn!

Grant Fikes said...

4 contributors have brought Child's Play Charity over the $42 mark! Using to generate a random number between 1 and 4, the third winner is. . . Kevin Petrychyn!

I will add my own $5 to each charity shortly.

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