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Puzzle 570: Spirits of Serpentine 7

Would you like to win something in ChipIn for Children's Charities without donating any money or solving any puzzles? You can spread the word using the hashtag #ChipInForChildrensCharities on Twitter! Two random Twitter users who use this hashtag within the next 96 hours will each win a Places, Please book (I still have more where the ones in the kick-off event came from, and would rather give them away for the sake of publicizing these charities than solve them). (EDIT: You should probably mention @mathgrant as well, to increase the chances that I'll see the tweet; it doesn't appear that searching Twitter for the hashtag pulls up everything, as not all tweets are indexed.)

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Grant Fikes said...

I believe that precisely 4 Twitter users used the specified hashtag within the specified period of time: @joshuazucker, @MadJaqk, @snoweverwyhere, and @Spheniscine.

The randomly-selected winners are @snoweverwyhere and @joshuazucker!

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