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Puzzle 567: Straight and Arrow 40

chaotic_iak (who inspired me to write a puzzle at 4:00 AM when I should have been going back to sleep) told me that my previous puzzle "has many givens", and I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not, so I made with puzzle with 4 fewer givens!


Anonymous said...

566 was kinda bad because a good portion of the puzzle is forced by givens' locations (as opposed to givens' clues), and it has redundant clues. This one is better aesthetically albeit still with the redundant clues.

Also I totally didn't expect you'd make a puzzle at 4 AM :P

- chaotic_iak

Grant Fikes said...

chaoticiak: Unless one is willing to go the route that Tom Collyer has gone by introducing grey cells that function as clue cells without a clue, I think this particular theme (symmetrically opposite givens are identical) is restrictive enough without trying to avoid redundancy. It wouldn't surprise me if some champion like Collyer or Snyder could achieve a puzzle more to your liking with the same theme, but I'm a mere Texan. :)

Anonymous said...

Hm, you should have used that gray cell idea for the Monday Mutant :P

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