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Letting Individuals Think Separately: Update 2

Let's go over the 9 questions and see which ones I've fulfilled and which ones I still need to do. As a reminder, the results are here.

1. Readers voted for the winner of the contest to receive a book from Nikoli (and not from Turkey). It was shipped on June 25, and Robert Vollmert has since received it in his native land of Germany. Awesome.
2. Readers voted for a booby prize to be given to a random participant (as opposed to the second place finisher). As revealed in update 1, this booby prize has been received.
3. Readers voted for puzzle 575 to be a 10x10 Dominnocuous, and for no puzzles larger than 289 cells to be posted until puzzle 600. I haven't gotten to 575 yet, but I promise I will!
4. Readers voted for queen-themed Process of Illumination puzzles. I delivered a queen-themed puzzle which also solved under normal rules. This puzzle was deemed a tiny bit ugly, so I worked on making another queen-themed puzzle, this time making it solvable with modified rules regarding how the clue numbers work. This puzzle is much prettier, so I'm satisfied that my work here is done.
5 and 6. Readers voted for me to wear a shirt and a hat advertising my blog (sparing me from My Little Pony and Angry Birds). I have both articles of clothing, but no pics yet to prove that I've worn them in public. (Then again, do I really need them? The main purpose of the pics is to prove that I've embarrassed myself, but there's nothing embarrassing about my blog!)
7. Readers voted for me to donate $2d20 and not $20 to Sanctuary Home for Children. Here is a video of the results. Bah, I didn't do a good job at capturing the value of the second roll, so you have to trust me that it was 16. (And now you have to watch, because you know there was an 80% chance that your gamble paid off and resulted in more than $20 being donated. How exciting.)
8 and 9. These questions were just for points, and have no real meaning.

So, mostly, I need to make more puzzles until I hit 600 and I can make puzzles of any size I want to. And maybe show you what I look like in my shirt. :)


Anonymous said...

Hm create more Yajilins :P For whatever reason I feel like I'm liking it now.

Hm a 16x16 Sudoku is hard already right? You can make 16x16 Sudokus! They have less than 289 cells!

Grant Fikes said...

chaosatthesky: Nikoli very rarely publishes 16x16 Sudoku puzzles (I think there are a few in every issue of Sudoku Communication, and recent issues seem to have 25x25 puzzles, as well – but I don't buy Sudoku Communication magazines, so I'm just going by the Japanese page). I'm barely able to make a 9x9 Sudoku half as excellent or half as hard as the masters' puzzles, so I'll pass on 16x16 Sudoku. :)

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