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Puzzle 384: Prev-Arrow-Cation 5

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Jonah said...

I was wondering today: is it possible to create a single puzzle which can be read as a Prev-Arrow-Cation and as a Straight and Arrow, and has a unique solution in both cases?

The answer is "maybe, but it wouldn't be very interesting": every solution to the latter immediately yields one for the former, by shading in the same blocks and leaving all numbers white. Darn.

Still, I wonder if there are other pairs of formats for which one could make a two-in-one this way. I can't think of any (Circumnavi-Gates and Process of Illumination would probably be impossible, since the first one uses way fewer numbers), but maybe you can.

Jonah said...

Wait, actually, no, by second paragraph is false. There could be a solution that works for Straight and Arrow but doesn't for Prev-Arrow-Cation. Might be hard to pull off, though.

Anonymous said...

Huh? I think you were right in the first comment. Yajilin (Straight and Arrow) solution implies Yajisan Kazusan solution (Prev-Arrow-Cation).

I have attempted to make something where two of these puzzles were superimposed and you had to sort out which clue was for which, but the fact that Yajisan clues can lie anyway made it not very interesting. That's one of the many "Chimera" puzzles I've tried, and the only one that worked wasn't a shocking success either.

Grant Fikes said...

The black cells in a Yajilin puzzle are allowed to divide the grid IF one partition consists solely of clue cells, so that the remaining cells which have to form a loop are all connected. For example, R1C2 and R2C1 may both be black if R1C1 is a clue.

That being said, I can't picture a Yajilin/Yajisan Kazusan being very interesting....

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