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Monday Mutant 27: Fencing Match (crosslink)

In this Fencing Match puzzle, the loop may pass through a dot twice, but only if the loop goes straight through that dot both times, once horizontally and once vertically. The rules are otherwise unchanged.


Anonymous said...

Good fun puzzle. I always enjoyed MellowMelon's slitherlink mutations and this was a great chance to revisit that variation (being able to keep some of the same techniques, shelve a few that don't apply and add one or two based upon unique constraints). Very enjoyable.

I also appreciated your end game (which required a complete understanding of the link's flow around the board - at least for me - before finalizing the grid). Well constructed.

Thanks for the fun.


Anonymous said...

A puzzle of this kind should make good use of the "don't close the loop rule"; otherwise you're wasting one of the rule changes. And indeed I had the same ending experience as TheSubro; probably quite intentional. Good work there.

This puzzle in particular had some nice applications of "This loop is almost isolated, but we have this one corner that we can turn into an intersection..." I think this was always my favorite logical step that this variation introduced.

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