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Puzzle 425: Tetra Firma 27

It's my traditional 31x45 puzzle which I do every 25 puzzles! Posting huge puzzles never gets old! Figuring out what to say about them, though, does. :[ As such, I will just link to this completely irrelevant XKCD comic (which happens to also be number 425). Enjoy the huge puzzle, everybody!
Rules of Tetra Firma
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Anonymous said...

So I've not solved huge amount of LITS puzzles, but for what it's worth this was certainly very cool!


Grant Fikes said...

:) Thanks! I certainly tried to make this puzzle cool. You'll probably love puzzles 150 and 275, then. . .

Jonah said...

This sat around on my desktop for a few days before I decided I had time to solve it.

Very fun. I'm not sure I've seen a LITS puzzle that had thematic elements to its solve, but the long L-blocks in the upper-right were cute. I especially liked what you did with the Ts in the bottom that cut large regions into pieces that weren't quite small enough to eliminate until much later.

Finally, I've always meant to ask this: does anyone else solve these in a paint program while zoomed out 2x? The way the thin lines disappear and the thick lines round out looks so cool I sometimes wonder if it's intentional.

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