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Monday Mutant 30: Double Entry

Draw a single loop that connects the grid cells. The loop may only travel horizontally or vertically, and never diagonally (so all turns are of 90 degrees). The loop may only turn at the centers of grid cells, and may not cross itself or branch off. Every grid cell must be used, and the loop must enter and exit every region of the grid exactly twice. (The regions are colored as an aesthetic only.)


Jonah said...

Y'know, I'd seen these before on Melon's site, but today is the first time I've solved one. That's because it's also the first time I noticed the clause that every cell is on the loop!

Grant Fikes said...

Jonah: I promise you that the puzzles become much easier (and more possible) when you've become aware of that rule!

Also, is anyone up for a rousing round of Guess The Faith™?

Anonymous said...

I echo Jonah's comments. I had never done these - other than one here or there - on MellowMelon's site. I will now be revisiting them with the key being that every cell is visited.

Thank you Tiny Tim (or Tiny Grant) for this early xmas present.

Thanks for these challenges as well, as both were enjoyable.


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