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Monday Mutant 50: Straight and Arrow (indirect)

In this Straight and Arrow puzzle, a number followed by a plus sign represents the total number of black cells in all four orthogonal directions. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
 It would not appear that MellowMelon has ever made an Indirect Yajilin with nothing but plus sign clues.


David S said...

Getting a little competitive, are we? :3

Nonetheless, I loved the break-in on this one. What an excellent idea :D

Jonah said...

Agreed about the break-in, but I'm getting multiple solutions at the end in the upper-right. Is it just me?

Jonah said...

Oh, it is just me.

Bad at counting,

JBross said...

Fun, and not too hard for folks with a little yajilin experience. Which makes me worry that the nasty version of this variant will be along later in the day (you've had some nice one-two punches in Monday Mutants lately).

TheSubro said...

Nice fun puzzle for Yajilin fans like me.


The Subro

p.s. I appreciate the dedication on the Process of Illumination. I just havent set down to finish such a big puzzle. I like to do puzzles that can be accomplished in "one seating on the thrown" - if ya know what I mean. It looks like it may be better for my next airplane ride.

Spheniscine said...

@Jonah: I believe I encountered a similar problem... so you're not the only one that makes such mistakes :p

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