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Monday Mutant 52: Spirits of Serpentine (cipher)

In this Spirits of Serpentine puzzle, most of the given numbers have been replaced by letters; all instances of a particular letter represent the same number, but two different letters must represent different numbers. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
The two given numbers look very similar to the letters S and O; if you find yourself confused, just remember that the only letters in this puzzle are the ones in the word BANKER.

This is Monday Mutant 52. In other 52-related news, I recently paid Rick Griffin of Housepets! to draw this picture, which happened to be number 52 out of 100 in the Iron Artist series he's doing. Don't worry, folks; I plan on keeping the Monday Mutants series alive past 100. :)


Giovanni P. said...

I haven't done too any of these types of puzzles before, but it wasn't too bad.

I did like the Ekans/Arbok theme (very appropriate), as well as the ambiguity in which end was which (I assume that was deliberate at least). I do wonder if we will eventually see some of the other puzzles from Penpa 2011, like Shakashaka or Norinori.

Thanks again.

TheSubro said...

Great puzzle. One of my favorites for you, as there is really only one breakin and ya just gotta find it, and then it runs nicely from there.



Blaine said...

I liked the break-in logic and then how things proceeded from there. I also liked how the determination of the head came late in the solving.

Anonymous said...

It took me a while to notice "BANKER" is 6 letters long. Nice puzzle.

The Grim Recapper said...

You know, if it was a larger version where every snake had more numbers, you could have had Seviper as well. ;)

Grant Fikes said...

The Grim Recapper: But as we all know, Arbok, and not Suicune or Sableye, evolves into Seviper, so Seviper is kind of in there. :)

Also, I recently was made aware that the Japanese name for the puzzle, Hebi-Ichigo, is a pun. Not only is it the Japanese name for the mock strawberry (literally meaning "snake strawberry"), but ichi means the number 1 and go means the number 5. While a puzzle with longer snakes might make an interesting mutant, it would absolutely murder the beauty of the original Japanese wordplay. Not that this would affect an English blog, though!

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