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Puzzle 462: Circumnavi-Gates 16

Today is Thanksgiving, at least in the United States (I can't speak for other countries). I had originally intended to save this puzzle for 475, but I felt like I should post a giant puzzle on this special holiday. Fans of this type of puzzle will be glad to know that there are two 31x45 Suraromu puzzles in Puzzle the Giants 23 (including one which spells the puzzle's name in katakana using the black cells), and Puzzle Communication Nikoli 129 has a 64x50 Suraromu with 170 gates! It is truly a wonderful puzzle.
Rules of Circumnavi-Gates
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Anonymous said...

I tend to find these pretty easy since meta-logic/uniqueness really breaks into them. Still, I've not done one of these that is this large (having not yet done Giants 23 or Nikoli 129), so thanks for this good Thanksgiving appetizer.

Anonymous said...

I solved it easily without meta-logic/uniqueness, though I saw several shortcuts.

At one point near the 78 there is no choice but to count a large distance to distinguish between them.

Grant Fikes said...

Anonymous: I'm so evil, forcing solvers to count a lot. If you really like counting, try puzzle 69, a Polyominous where you have to be able to count to 69! :P

Awesome Puzzler said...

I tried but lost

Grant Fikes said...

Guess you'll have to be awesomer next time.

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