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Puzzle 459: Spirits of Serpentine 3

In a remarkable proof that turnabout is fair play, David Millar spotted an error in this puzzle before I posted it here. Because I was smart enough to let someone else see it first, though, it doesn't count against me for the purposes of how many times I've been wrong according to my blog's banner. (Gwa ha ha!)


hpc said...

Tough break-in. Perhaps I just don't fully grasp the consequences of the rules yet, but I had to make an educated guess in order to move on at one point. Definitely make more of this puzzle.

TheSubro said...

Nice sweet puzzle. Not sure why anyone would have an issue with break-in here though as every #> pointing at a single cell is a rather straightforward breakin. (?!?)

I am being kind so that no more dedications are in order. :o)

The Subro

hpc said...

I was referring to after you get all the obvious stuff out of the way. ;)

Scott said...

From reading the rules I can't tell if this is one:
If you have a number pointing at one white cell, followed by a black cell, then more white cells, does it imply that the first white cell must be that number?

For zero, it is called out explicitly that this must be the case. Seems strange that it wouldn't apply to all the numbers.

Grant Fikes said...

Scott: Yes, if an arrow contains a non-zero number, then that number must appear between that cell and the nearest black cell. I'll rewrite rule 4 to hopefully clarify that.

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