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Puzzle 463: Streaming Content 33

All I said was that I wanted to post a giant puzzle for Thanksgiving. I never said anything about posting only one giant puzzle.
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Anonymous said...

Two beautiful quadrants; overall a very tough but satisfying puzzle. Thanks for giving us these today.

Georgi said...

The theme was lovely, as for the solving - there was a bit of counting involved, but overall it was a very satisfying experience.

Grant Fikes said...

You don't enjoy counting? I knew a seven-year-old kid who was extremely eager to demonstrate that he could count to 100, and you can't even handle counting to 44? :)

Nah, I kid. Glad you two enjoyed it. But like I said in a comment on 462, if you're allergic to counting, do avoid puzzle 69, a Polyominous where you have to be able to count to 69.

Anonymous said...

Excellent puzzle. I was beating myself up the whole weekend trying to solve it, until I noticed I wrote one of the '2's as a '22'.

TheSubro said...

Great big puzzles. Usually not a fan of the mega-sized ones, but both the Nurikabe and the Circumnavi-Gates mixed size and value well. As Motris noted, there were like 4 different puzzles in one in the Nurikabe (and they then needed to mesh together to all work out). Similarly the size of the Circumnavi-Gates added to the fun.

Thanks for the great puzzles.

The Subro

Blaine said...

Finally had a chance to work on this. The upper left quadrant took the most work to complete. I like giant puzzles like this.

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