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Fillomino-Fillia Preview Series: Odd-Even Fillomino

This is an odd-even Fillomino (AKA Polyominous). In addition to the usual rules, the odd numbers must form a single polyomino, and the even numbers must similarly form a single polyomino.
Answer entry: Enter the units digits of each square in the marked rows and columns, from left to right for rows and from top to bottom for columns.

Highlight to see the answer: 9142436235 1999913315

Long-time readers may recall the first odd-even Polyominous on this blog, where the odd-even parity of each cell was given from the outset. This incarnation allows the odd numbers and the even numbers to interact more (by which I mean at all).


Anonymous said...

I've already solved. I like the idea, and the puzzle was very beautiful! I am sure that competition Odd-Even F. will be much more than this.


Anonymous said...

Yes, giving the solver properties of the odd and even areas, but not the shapes, does make for more logical opportunities. The other way is just a construction constraint.

Liked the perimeter trick. I somehow keep forgetting about it.

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