Puzzle 180: Fencing Match 23

In precisely 61 days, I will celebrate the 22nd anniversary of my birth. I went ahead and designed this puzzle to go on the cake. (It will appear slightly more colorful on the cake than it appears here. :))

Puzzle 179: Quad-Wrangle 6

On May 10, Nikoli will publish a new book of Shikaku puzzles. I eagerly await the opportunity to solve this book. :)

Puzzle 175: Process of Illumination 12

Another 31x45 puzzle, already?

Well, yeah. I figured this one was easy in comparison to puzzle 100 and puzzle 150, so it wasn't quite worthy of being puzzle 200, but I felt it was pretty enough and interesting enough to post. (As a general rule, Process of Illumination puzzles tend to be easier, making it important to make them as pretty as possible. :) ) Enjoy solving, and I hope to have another large puzzle ready for puzzle 200!

Puzzle 174: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 9

There is no subliminal advertising here. None at all. This puzzle is not based on a real puzzlers' league. I am not being sarcastic.

Please note that clues 5 and 6 have the word NOT in them. Failure to notice this word will yield much confusion. (Why am I pointing this out? I dunno. I guess I'm just paranoid that the word NOT will be easily overlooked otherwise.)

Eliza Pseudonym has recently joined an organization known as the League of Puzzlers of the Nation (LPN). Upon joining the LPN, a member selects his or her own nom de guerre by which they are known within the League. Eliza Pseudonym opted simply for Elipse, the first three letters of her first name and the first three letters of her last name. Since joining the LPN, Eliza has become acquainted with five other members, each of whom has been a member of the LPN for a different amount of time, and each of whom has also provided Eliza with hours of amusing conversations and wordplay! From the clues below, identify these other five LPN members by nom de guerre, first name (one first name is Mario), and last name (one last name is Washington), and determine how long each has been a member (1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, or 6 years).

1. The one with the nom of Grabby has been a member of the LPN for precisely half as long as the one named Moira Jackson has.
2. The member whose first name is Bob has been in the LPN for precisely one year longer than the one with the nom Ironhorn.
3. The individual surnamed Hamilton has been a member of the LPN for precisely three times as long as the one surnamed Lincoln.
4. The person whose nom is Kinship (who has been in the LPN for 2 years) and the one whose last name is Jefferson have first names which are composed of the same letters, but in a different order.
5. The woman with the first name Dolly and the person who goes by the nom of Missyl have NOT been members of the League for a combined total of precisely 7 years.
6. The LPNer whose nom is ACAB/H has NOT been a member of the LPN for precisely twice as long as or precisely half as long as the person with the first name Lloyd.

Puzzle 173: Quad-Wrangle 5

No comment.

Puzzle 172: Pearls of Wisdom 21

No comment.

Puzzle 171: Pearls of Wisdom 20

Hooray for symmetry!

Puzzle 170: Fencing Match 22

This one wound up a lot prettier and a lot better than I expected. :)

Puzzle 166: Seek and Spell 5

This puzzle's theme is one-word movie titles, because if you don't have time to read the title, you certainly won't have time to watch the movie. :P
As a reminder, punctuation and anything other than the 26 letters of the English alphabet can be ignored for solving purposes, and is only there to match the movie's actual title. (I used to think it was called "Saved Factorial", but it seems that I was wrong. :) )

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