Puzzle 204: Room and Reason 11

This is completely unrelated to the puzzle below, but today I learned that the Spanish word "adiĆ³s", which of course means "goodbye", literally means "to God" (a Dios). Then I learned that the English word for "goodbye", which of course is "goodbye", is an alteration of "God be with you". And all this time, I thought that the only words God had an influence on were "gadzooks", "zounds", and other words nobody ever uses anymore.

Puzzle 203: Pearls of Wisdom 23

This is the second time I've created a Pearls of Wisdom where every circle is symmetrically opposite a circle of the opposite color (here is the first one). Compared to my previous effort, this one wound up being a bit easier to solve, I think, and definitely a lot easier to build; I think I was lucky this time, somehow. :)

Puzzle 200: Straight and Arrow 11


I am very proud of this milestone (although I honestly didn't expect to reach it so quickly), so I strove to make puzzle 200 as interesting and varied as possible. The experienced solver should be able to derive many hours of entertainment from this one puzzle. (The truly experienced solver will probably be able to derive a mere 45 or so minutes of entertainment, but if it takes you longer than that to complete the puzzle, don't sweat it. :) )

I would like to thank everyone who has ever sent me feedback or solutions regarding my puzzles; feedback helps encourage me to keep this blog running. I'd especially like to thank ralphmerridew; my blog wouldn't be the same without him (for starters, two of the published puzzles would still have mistakes in them that I didn't catch). I'd also like to thank Zotmeister for introducing me to Nikoli so many years ago via his own blog. Last but not least, I would like to thank God; without His grace, I'd've been dead long before this blog was ever started.
Rules of Straight and Arrow
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Puzzle 192: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 10

Break Inn and Hostel Intent aren't exactly hotel names that make one feel secure, are they? :) Special thanks to Vraal for the names Hostel Intent and Omelette Motel.
ERRATUM: Somehow, I managed to miswrite clue 5 on my paper when I was composing this puzzle. I noticed the mistake in test-solving, but forgot to actually correct it in the published version; the puzzle is correct now. My sincerest apologies.

From 2004 through 2009, Eliza Pseudonym and each of five of her friends have had occasion to visit the city of Capitolburg. Each one went in a different year, and stayed at a different hotel for a different number of nights (from 2 nights through 7 nights). From the clues below, determine the year during which each one went to Capitolburg, which hotel they stayed at, and how many nights they stayed there.

1. Delilah went to Capitolburg on a business trip in 2005.
2. Fiona stayed in her hotel for fewer nights than Anna, who visited Capitolburg in a later year than Fiona did.
3. The woman who stayed for 7 nights was in Capitolburg one year after Barbra was.
4. Laugh Inn was patronized for fewer nights than Hostel Intent.
5. The stay at Cardinal's Inn was shorter than the stay at Omelette Motel; the two hotel visits were separated by exactly 4 years.
6. One woman paid for a 6-night stay at the Break Inn.
7. In 2006, one of the women stayed at a hotel for 4 nights.
8. Carla's stay at a hotel and another woman's stay at Le Tom Motel 2 years later were for a combined total of 8 nights.

Puzzle 191: Twincognito 12

I imagine that all of my readers will have one of two reactions to this puzzle: "W00t! A huge Twincognito!" or "Why????!! Are you truly that evil?"

Puzzle 187: Quad-Wrangle 7

I am in Dallas right now, but I brought all of my image template files with me on flash drive so I can continue updating this blog! Isn't that great?
Rules of Quad-Wrangl

Puzzle 185: Straight and Arrow 9

In a most astonishing feat of construction, if you spell out all of the numbers in the puzzle below, the letters can be rearranged to spell "Neo" 25 times. Wooooooooooooooooow.

Puzzle 183: Polyominous 20

It took me over a week to complete this construction -- but not because it's particularly fantastic or anything; I was just lazy and uninspired.

Faves/Easy Lists

With so many puzzles on this blog, choosing which ones to solve first might seem daunting if you're new. While I believe all of the puzzles are good, the following lists showcase the puzzles that I personally like the best, and the ones that I think are most particularly suited for beginners. Take these opinions as you will.

(updated as of puzzle 408)
Puzzle 5: Streaming Content 1
Puzzle 10: Fencing Match 1
Puzzle 12: Polyominous 2
Puzzle 23: Tetra Firma 3
Puzzle 25: Twincognito 2
Puzzle 35: Polyominous 4
Puzzle 39: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 2
Puzzle 53: Streaming Content 6
Puzzle 58: Polyominous 6
Puzzle 69: Polyominous 8
Puzzle 78: Straight and Arrow 5
Puzzle 86: Fencing Match 10
Puzzle 90: Blackbarrier Jam 5
Puzzle 94: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 7
Puzzle 100: Fencing Match 13
Puzzle 108: Twincognito 7
Puzzle 110: Twincognito 8
Puzzle 117: Seek and Spell 4
Puzzle 124: Tetra Firma 7
Puzzle 125: Process of Illumination 7
Puzzle 128: Pearls of Wisdom 13
Puzzle 134: Pearls of Wisdom 15
Puzzle 139: Pearls of Wisdom 16
Puzzle 145: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 8
Puzzle 150: Tetra Firma 11
Puzzle 163: Process of Illumination 11
Puzzle 170: Fencing Match 22
Puzzle 191: Twincognito 12
Puzzle 200: Straight and Arrow 11
Puzzle 207: Room and Reason 12
Puzzle 216: Streaming Content 16
Puzzle 223: Polyominous 24
Puzzle 230: Writer's Block 2
Puzzle 235: Polyominous 25
Puzzle 250: Pearls of Wisdom 27
Puzzle 260: Polyominous 28
Puzzle 262: Streaming Content 19
Puzzle 267: Process of Illumination 19
Puzzle 270: Reunion Tour 3
Puzzle 272: Pearls of Wisdom 30
Puzzle 275: Tetra Firma 18
Puzzle 283: Polyominous 30
Puzzle 289: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 11
Puzzle 291: Tetra Firma 19
Puzzle 298: Twincognito 15
Puzzle 300: Room and Reason 21
Puzzle 314: Crowd Nine 6
Puzzle 315: Polyominous 34
Puzzle 317: Process of Illumination 22
Puzzle 322: Streaming Content 24
Puzzle 325: Process of Illumination 24
Puzzle 326: Artist's Block 8
Puzzle 350: Streaming Content 27
Puzzle 353: Pearls of Wisdom 38
Puzzle 355: Process of Illumination 26
Puzzle 362: Straight and Arrow 25
Puzzle 364: Circumnavi-Gates 10
Puzzle 365: Polyominous 37
Puzzle 375: Quad-Wrangle 15
Puzzle 382: Fencing Match 38
Puzzle 385: Straight and Arrow 27
Puzzle 390: Totally Awesum 20
Puzzle 392: Crowd Nine 8
Puzzle 398: Pearls of Wisdom 40
Puzzle 399: Straight and Arrow 28
Puzzle 400: Fencing Match 42
Puzzle 404: Polyominous 39

Puzzle 8: Crowd Nine 1
Puzzle 16: Pearls of Wisdom 1
Puzzle 18: Pearls of Wisdom 3
Puzzle 31: Crowd Nine 3
Puzzle 37: Fencing Match 5
Puzzle 38: Polyominous 5
Puzzle 44: Totally Awesum 1
Puzzle 51: Straight and Arrow 4
Puzzle 52: Fencing Match 7
Puzzle 55: Seek and Spell 1
Puzzle 57: Twincognito 4
Puzzle 62: Numeral Crossing 1
Puzzle 76: Numeral Crossing 4
Puzzle 80: Blackbarrier Jam 1
Puzzle 92: Pearls of Wisdom 7
Puzzle 103: Artist's Block 1
Puzzle 121: Pearls of Wisdom 11
Puzzle 154: Quad-Wrangle 1
Puzzle 158: Pearls of Wisdom 18
Puzzle 173: Quad-Wrangle 5
Puzzle 181: Polyominous 18
Puzzle 194: Totally Awesum 12
Puzzle 199: Straight and Arrow 10
Puzzle 203: Pearls of Wisdom 23
Puzzle 213: Fencing Match 26
Puzzle 215: Streaming Content 15
Puzzle 224: Artist's Block 5
Puzzle 229: Writer's Block 1
Puzzle 239: Polyominous 26
Puzzle 240: Numeral Crossing 7
Puzzle 243: Straight and Arrow 13
Puzzle 253: Straight and Arrow 17
Puzzle 261: Process of Illumination 18
Puzzle 265: Totally Awesum 16
Puzzle 268: Reunion Tour 1
Puzzle 269: Reunion Tour 2
Puzzle 274: Quad-Wrangle 12
Puzzle 277: Streaming Content 20
Puzzle 279: Room and Reason 18
Puzzle 281: Blackbarrier Jam 11
Puzzle 282: Fencing Match 31
Puzzle 284: Room and Reason 19
Puzzle 287: Quad-Wrangle 13
Puzzle 292: Room and Reason 20
Puzzle 294: Pearls of Wisdom 33
Puzzle 305: Pearls of Wisdom 35
Puzzle 306: Polyominous 33
Puzzle 307: Ripple Play 1
Puzzle 327: Tetra Firma 22
Puzzle 328: Straight and Arrow 23
Puzzle 330: Fencing Match 35
Puzzle 336: Prev-Arrow-Cation 1
Puzzle 340: Circumnavi-Gates 1
Puzzle 341: Circumnavi-Gates 2
Puzzle 357: Tetra Firma 23
Puzzle 360: Seek and Spell 8
Puzzle 374: Room and Reason 23
Puzzle 407: Straight and Arrow 29

If there are any other puzzles you'd like to recommend, you may leave a comment on this post. :)

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