Evil Zinger 8: Seek and Spell

As of now, I am officially 22 years old! Here is the final puzzle in my batch of Evil Zingers (EZ's): a Seek and Spell. The theme of this one is two-letter words. Yes, all of these are actual two-letter words; any Scrabble master can tell you that.

Evil Zinger 7: Pearls of Wisdom

The onslaught of Evil Zingers (EZ's) continues with this evil and zingy Pearls of Wisdom!

Evil Zinger 6: Room and Reason

This Evil Zinger (EZ) is the most evil Room and Reason in the whole world. Be prepared to hurt your brain by making extensive use of every single rule of this genre of logic puzzles.

Evil Zinger 5: Polyominous

This Polyominous is too ominous to be anything but an Evil Zinger (EZ)!

Evil Zinger 4: Tetra Firma

In Japan, this type of puzzle is known by the letters LITS; here, though, this puzzle can only be described as EZ! (That, of course, stands for Evil Zinger.)

Evil Zinger 3: Twincognito

Now it is time for Twincognito to receive the Evil Zinger (EZ) treatment. As Zotmeister once said about this type of puzzle, "Its logic is harsh; its observational requirements are far uglier." This, I believe, is something you will find especially true in this specimen.

Evil Zinger 2: Process of Illumination

Oh nooooooo, it's another Evil Zinger (EZ) puzzle!

This Process of Illumination puzzle is definitely worthy of the EZ label; its difficulty is unmatched by any other Process of Illumination on this blog.

Evil Zinger 1: Fencing Match

I turn 22 today! What better way to celebrate than with Evil Zinger (EZ) puzzles?

This EZ is a Fencing Match. I don't have much to say about it.

Puzzle 217: Process of Illumination 16

Tomorrow is my birthday; as announced before, the event will be marked by a batch of special Evil Zingers (EZ's), the cruelest logic puzzles I have ever posted on this blog, and possibly the cruelest puzzles on the whole internet. I am very proud of the puzzles I have lined up for your solving torture. Be ready to really hurt your brain! Really! I'm not kidding.

Compared to the puzzles I'll being putting up tomorrow, this one's a walk in the park.

Puzzle 214: Tetra Firma 14

No comment.

Puzzle 213: Fencing Match 26

My birthday is in just a few days (May 26), and to celebrate, I am preparing a batch of the most utterly difficult logic puzzles that this blog, and perhaps even the entire internet, has ever seen! These special Evil Zingers (EZ's) are guaranteed to give even the most expert solver many days of frustration, so make sure to be here on May 26 to view them! If I'm inspired enough, I might even make EZ's a semi-regular feature.

Not that this has anything to do with the puzzle at hand.

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