Puzzle 117: Seek and Spell 4

As I have let on before, I am a big fan of Homestar Runner. The theme of this puzzle is Strong Bad emails. If you happen to enjoy Homestar Runner as much as I do, you'll definitely appreciate this puzzle! :)

Special thanks to the Homestar Runner Wiki for its assistance in this puzzle's construction.

Logicsmith Exhibition 2: Polyominous

Would you like to try your hand at logicsmithing, and possibly be featured on my blog? Read on!

In an intriguing experiment on its online puzzle site nikoli.com, the Japanese company Nikoli asked its authors to create different Slitherlink puzzles all using the same arrangement of givens. I've decided to try a similar experiment here, using the puzzle Polyominous (link to rules, Polyominous puzzles from my blog). Your challenge is to replace each of the question marks in the grid below with an integer to create a uniquely solvable Polyominous puzzle.
For those of you who were around for the first Logicsmith Exhibition, I have followed your advice and opted for a smaller grid than last time. I noticed that the huge group of 32 unclued cells in the middle seemed to be a bit of a choke point, so I tried to avoid that. Also, this grid contains an unusually high density of givens -- 50% of the cells are givens, in fact. Finally, I'm giving you three weeks instead of just two. These factors should make it considerably easier to construct a puzzle (I hope!).

Send your puzzle (and optionally, its solution) to my e-mail address at glmathgrant@gmail.com. After three weeks (meaning the deadline is December 16), I will post the puzzle I have constructed for this layout, as well as some of my favorite submissions from other people. Good luck, and have fun!

Puzzle 111: Room and Reason 8

I'd like to thank David Olmsted for helping me to improve my blog's sidebar, and especially for sending me $10 today for access to puzzles 100-300 on my old blog. (Yeah, I have an old blog. There's a link in the sidebar if you're interested. Send me money via PayPal if you are interested in paying for a piece of my history. Or. . . not. This blog is free. And free is within the budget of most people.)

Puzzle 106: Artist's Block 4

Give this one a shot!

Puzzle 105: Artist's Block 3

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Puzzle 104: Artist's Block 2

This puzzle is intellectual.

Puzzle 103: Artist's Block 1

An easy one to give beginning solvers a foothold on Artist's Block.

Rules -- Artist's Block

Artist's Block was invented by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli (under the name Tentai Show).

1. Divide the grid into black and white pieces along the grid lines, according to the following rules. (The solution will form a picture.)
2. Every piece must contain exactly one entire dot.
3. Every piece must have 180-degree rotational symmetry, with the dot being at the center of symmetry for that piece.
4. Every piece must match the color of its corresponding dot.

Puzzle 100: Fencing Match 13


No, seriously. One hundred puzzles is a huge deal, and I wanted my hundredth puzzle to be special. So here it is -- the largest Fencing Match puzzle I have ever constructed. I test-solved it TWICE, just to be safe. It was definitely worth the effort. I'd like to thank all of the people who have supported my logicsmithing efforts for making this behemoth possible. I look forward to another hundred.
Rules of Fencing Match
(click to enlarge)

Puzzle 99: Fencing Match 12

No comment.

Puzzle 98: Process of Illumination 5

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