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Monday Mutant 58: Blackbarrier Jam / Streaming Content (cipher)

In the Blackbarrier Jam puzzle on the left and in the Streaming Content puzzle on the right, the given numbers have been replaced by letters; all instances of a particular letter represent the same number, but two different letters must represent different numbers. (This applies whether the letters are in the same grid or not.) The rules are otherwise unchanged.
My most sincere apologies for today's Monday Mutant being late; I was debating whether to put the series on hold for the holidays, but decided against it a few hours ago.


Jonah said...

Another great back-and-forth mutant. The break-in was pretty funny.

Scott said...

This was a great puzzle. I had a moment where I said to myself "There's gotta be a mistake, because there's no way to do that part of the puzzle," but then had an epiphany and it was smooth sailing from there.

Arren said...

Right at the very end, I almost thought there were 2 solutions, then realized I had mis-transcribed a number even though I had the correct number of spaces on the grids.

Excellent puzzle. Suprisingly pleasant and less of a grind then I had first anticipated.

Anonymous said...

Great puzzle!!

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