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Monday Mutant 55: Polyominous (cipher)

In this Polyominous puzzle, the given numbers have been replaced by letters; all instances of a particular letter represent the same number, but two different letters must represent different numbers. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
This puzzle is a tribute to one of my favorite Christmas movies (er, THE WINTER SOLSTICE movies) of recent time.


Scott said...

Good stuff. A good diversion during a school meeting.

I have not seen "Firerli" but I'll add it to my Netflix queue. :)

Grant Fikes said...

Scott: No, Firerli Riii is the name of the actor. Lfe is the title of the movie. Obviously, Lfe is an apropos title for a holiday movie. :)

Anonymous said...

what's the fir fir?
EDIT: for

Grant Fikes said...

Anonymous: Aside from WILL FERRELL and ELF, none of the words spelled in this puzzle are intentional.

TheSubro said...

Nice puzzle. Thanks. Had real fun developing it.

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